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    The Bison Airlighter 420

    Torch Flame & Blower

The Bison Airlighter 420

Fire Reinvented

Using the Bison Airlighter 420

Getting Started

Note: Butane cans with plastic (not metal) nozzles seal best. Available at Airlighter.com or your local dealer.

Insert Batteries

Open the battery door under your Airlighter and insert 3 AA batteries (either standard or rechargeable). New batteries will provide over 45 minutes of run time.

If you notice the blower slowing down, then you know it’s time to replace the batteries.

Fill with Butane

Point your Airlighter downwards, and fill with the butane gas through the inlet valve in the handle. Align the canister’s supply nozzle with your Airlighter’s inlet valve, and rotate a couple of times to establish a good seal.

Push the fuel can firmly downward for 2-3 second bursts (about 4 times) until you can hear the fuel spitting back. This indicates that the fuel tank is full.


Wait 5 minutes after filling and before lighting to ensure any residual butane has vented away.

Lighting a fire

Prepare your fire as you would normally. Speed up the lighting of heavy or wet wood by using crumpled up paper at the bade of the firewood.

Slide the Child Safety Lock to the right and also push the Front Main Control switch down to ignite the flame. Repeat if it does no immediately light.

Touch the flame directly to your wood or coals. 10-20 seconds is usually enough to establish combustion before activating the blower.

Push the Rear Main Control switch to activate the blower. Aim the airflow at the ignited area to spread the heat until your fire is strong. The closer you hold the barrel to your wood or coals, the faster your fire will spread.


Get your grill ready for cooking faster by continuing with the blower mode for five minutes or until your grill reaches the desired cooking temperature.

For Best results

Store inside

Your Airlighter works best at room temperature. Flame strength will vary with changes in climate.

Adjust the flame

In certain conditions, your Airlighter may blow out while lighting a fire. Usually this can be avoided by turning down the flame. It will still have plenty of heat to get your fire going quickly.

Use the power of the blower

Once the flame is properly established, the blower is more effective than the flame at boosting your fire.

Avoid bending the ignition wire

The flame is activated by a spark from the ignitions wire, which is visible in the white ceramic insulator at the end of the barrel. If this wire is pushed out of place, your Airlighter may not light properly. However it can be fixed by simply bending it back into place.

Try not to exceed a 45 degree downwards angle

The Airlighter is designed t operate upside down. However, if you aim it vertically downwards you might cause the flame to snuff out. In this case, simple re-ignite the flame.



Most frequent questions and answers

To ensure that your Airlighter is long lasting, we highly recommend using Bison’s Airlighter Fuel as it is made for Airlighters. It has been ultra filtered and has been tested not to clog the microscopic jets inside the fuel line. However, as long as you choose high quality non-clogging butane you can choose other brands of butane without voiding your Airlighter’s warranty.

No, Airlighter Fuel or other butane needs to be purchased separately.

The fastest and cheapest way to get Airlighter Fuel from your local retailer. Alternatively it is available right here on our website. Airlighter uses butane fuel, which you can normally find at your local hardware store or super-market.

In total, with a full tank of fuel and full batteries, you can expect about 15-30 fire lightings. If you like to go all the way from cold-to-cooking as fast as possible then you can expect about 10 fire lightings before needing to recharge.

To break it down, you will get about 7-15 minutes of burn time per tank (the flame is adjustable up or down so the burn time varies). A typical charcoal BBQ requires about 15-20 seconds of burn time before switching to fan mode.

In fan mode, you will get 30-35 minutes of strong fan time with the Airlighter 520 and about 45 minutes with the Airlighter 420. A typical charcoal BBQ requires about 1 minute of fan time to be fully lit or about 5 minutes before you are ready to cook.

Airlighters are designed to perform best at room temperature. We recommend leaving your Airlighter indoors and taking it out when you need it.

NEVER store an Airlighter in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 120°F (49°C).

ALWAYS make sure the Airlighter is turned off before storing. To ensure the flame is fully extinguished, run the fan for about 3 seconds before storing.

Absolutely. We have taken great care to ensure the Airlighter is safe to use. It is CPSC compliant to avoid accidental lightings and the materials and make-up of the product are designed to ensure safety. However, it is not suitable for use by children and should always be used with care.

Airlighter can light almost anything but it is not designed for lighting tobacco. The Airlighter shoots a strong flame and should never be pointed at yourself or others for any reason.

The Airlighter comes with an automatic 1-year warranty. If you register your product on our website we will upgrade your product to a 2-year warranty for free.

The Airlighter 420 uses replaceable batteries. However, the Airlighter 520 has a built-in battery that can’t be replaced. It is designed to last for many years.

If there is any fuel in the tank then it can’t be taken on the plane. If you plan to travel and want to take your Airlighter with you then please contact us for advice on how to prepare your Airlighter for safe travel.

For Those that enjoy outdoor life

The Bison Airlighter 420 is the perfect gift.

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